What Do The Roman Catholics Believe 05 Papal Infallibility

http://youthapologeticstraining.com/ If the Popes are Infallible and are said to be the substitute of Christ on Earth should we expect them to contradict each other? Should we expect a pope to burn incense in the temple of Vesta? Should we expect the Vicar of Christ to kiss a Koran after previous Popes said everyone outside the Catholic Church was accursed? Which Pope was infallible if one published a version of the Bible and promoted it only to have another Pope condemn it? Why was one Pope anathematized? Why did one Pope dig up the previous Popes corpse and have it stand trial? Did you know that Pope John Paul the 2nd promoted theistic evolution? If the Doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church comes from the Popes and they are not infallible, why should we believe it? Christianity gets its doctrines solely from scripture. Where does the Catholic Church get its doctrine? Roman Catholics receive there doctrine from three sources: scripture, tradition and the words of their Popes. Today we will discuss Papal infallibility. How do we know that a what the Pope says is from God? Join us today as we learn more about world religions. Michael Boehm Youth Apologetics Training

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