Third Video (Experience) of Vision of Rapture and Heaven & Hell - Angelica Zambrano

In this 3rd video of Angelica Zambrano, she was shown that 80% of Evangelical Christian will be left behind. She was taken to heaven. She saw many children. God gave heart to love children to Angelica. Angel Michael told her that many children come to Jesus through her.

Angelica Zambrano visited to hell and saw pastors, pastor's wife, and Christian musician. God told her that there are so many sins in the church. We must repent before God. Angelica also saw the souls who got trapped in the cells who were not dead yet.

It is time to repent! Only holy one could see God. Only holy and righteous Christians will go to the wedding of the Lamb. Jesus is coming so soon! He is looking for the blameless and spotless brides. It is time to repent more than daily and surrender all to Jesus!

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