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"I want to Explore" Part 2 - KIDS' CREATION MUSIC VIDEO - Trailer - NOAH'S FLOOD/BUGS

This music video, "I Want to Explore," is Part 2 of 2 in a Kids' Creation Science series devoted to a
literal interpretation of Scripture's young earth and global flood. (This video is also available with captions [unremovable] for the hearing-impaired.)
"I Want to Explore," Part 2 features the Biblical flood of Noah's day and polystrate fossils. Dr. Aaron, Mike, and Jonathan from Part 1 are back with more Creation evidence.
A few experiments we do point to a young earth and global flood. And ... find out how the Scriptures were preserved before there were printing
presses as we look at an old Hebrew scroll.
You'll even learn some Hebrew!
Part 2 also goes out to a 10 acre field in the country to see what we can find. There's lots of neat-looking
BUGS out there. "Shadow," my dog,
travels along for some of Part 2's adventures as well. There's also some kittens, a dog with special needs ... many other surprises!

Runtime: 56 minutes - 4 original kids' and family/friendly songs. Full screen

Produced by Cathy Friedlander ... Christian videographer, musician, and computer editor authoring over
22 videos and 10 cds.

Visit Cathy's website: www.2kingdoms.net

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