Make me better - stu33

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Music: Stu(Istvan Mate)
Lyrics: Rea(Andrea Horvath)
Sound: Illes Peto
Video: Gabor Sebestyen

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Make me better

Fears darken sunshine
Towers scrape the sky
All of them just appearance

Sheeps are drinking mud, They are
blind to see the light
All of us need angels

Deepness of the guilt
Power of the emphtiness
I would kill them for hope of happiness

To grow up under fire
To clutch at every straw, Than leaving behind
shadows and doubts
To find sg. bright.

Every day, all the time
Further games, further lies
Everything I did without you
Was just waste of time

Here I am, no more time
For easy games, easy lies
'Cause Every day I lived without you
Just waste of time

I wanna touch you but cold hand of world
still hold me back
I wanna tell you but in absence of words
it's so meaningless /it seems so meaningless

You gave me your spirit I give you my soul,
Please make me better
What else can I give you
I offer my heart now and forever.

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