Answers from the Past..


Classic in its cut and design
Sculpted, smooth ivory bit
Like half a forgotten line
Penned by a half-remembered poet

This fray-edged work of art
From last century’s jigsaw puzzle
arrived from an alien land smack
in the mid of the plastic tussle

of today’s game..almost finished
with this piece here, that piece there
Now where on earth do I fit it
this heavenly body from nowhere?

A miraculously undestroyed nugget
from a bridge I burnt long ago
It tugs and pricks at my heart
with its dead eyes and living soul

I thought I had buried you
under plastic and concrete
Banished you from my view
so we would never meet

The ashes of my dreams of you
I handed to your rightful owner
I saw you depart – half plus half two –
far into the eternity of forever

Now I sit here and I stare
My plastic pieces in disharmony
Tell me the truth.. did you scatter
my ashes on the street?

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