Karen Lynne - He Loves To Hear You Shout

Karen Lynne (Karen Lynne Louis) is a fantastic country/folk/bluegrass musician from Australia. I discovered her several years ago and I think she is fabulous. If you like artists like Alison Krauss, Rhonda Vincent, Dolly Parton, etc, you'll like Karen, too.

Karen came to the US in 2012 to record the gospel bluegrass album "Shine Your Light". This album is one of the rare albums where I like every single cut. On most albums there are a few outstanding tracks, a few that are sorta nice, and then a few throwaways. No throwaways here. You can get it on iTunes; do it now!

"He Loves To Hear You Shout" was written by Tom T. and Dixie Hall. In fact, the album was recorded at Tom T.'s studio in Franklin, TN. Jerry Salley sings harmony vocals, and Karen's hubby Martin plays the lively banjo.

Had a lot of fun making this video! Thanks, Karen!

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