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Ahmadinejad claims Iran is already a nuclear power (Second Coming Watch Update #305)

1. According to The New York Daily News, President Mah-moud Ah-ma-di-ne-jad declared that Iran is already a nuclear power and should be treated as such in an interview with an Egyptian newspaper on the eve of his visit to Cairo.

2. According to Reuters, China expressed serious concern on Wednesday after North Korea stepped up its bellicose rhetoric and threatened to go beyond a third nuclear test in response to what it sees as "hostile" sanctions imposed after a December rocket launch.

3. According to Israel National News, the Iranian president has stated that the Iranian people are ready to march on Israel to "wipe it out" if the Jewish state attacks the Islamic republic.

4. According to The Moscow Times, the heaviest snowfall in a century brought Moscow and the surrounding region to a near standstill and left hundreds of people without power.

5. According to The Christian Post, American pastor Sa-eed A-be-di-ni is reportedly being tortured in an Iranian prison as an appeal against his 8-year sentence is being filed.

Jude 1:14-15 //

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