The Ultimate Playlist of Christian Comedian Jeanne Robertson

Christian comedian Jeanne Robertson never fails to bring the laughs with her hilarious antics. And when she brings up her husband, Left Brain, you will be rolling in laughter. Jeanne has had her share of funny moments and this playlist compiles some of her absolute best. Prepare to be in stitches when you hit play! I mean, who doesn't love Jeanne Robertson?

5 Reasons Why We Love Jeanne Robertson

  1. She's down-to-earth and humble. (She even won Miss Congeniality in the Miss America pageant!)
  2. Jeanne is positive -- none of her humor is mean-spirited or uses foul language.
  3. She has such presence. At 6' 2" tall BEFORE her signature heels, she commands the stage.
  4. You can relate to Jeanne. Whether she's talking about her husband (left brain) or grocery shopping, she just gets it.
  5. She's just plain funny. This southern charmer was apparently put on this earth to brighten people's day!

The Best Playlist Of Christian Comedian Jeanne Robertson 

  1. Hilarious Comedian Jeanne Robertson Tells Us Why Older People Shouldn’t Bungee Jump
  2. Hilarious Comedian Tells Us Why Men Should NEVER Go To The Grocery Store
  3. Jeanne Robertson On Why You Don't Mess With Teenage Hussies
  4. Jeanne Robertson Speaks The Truth When She Discusses Mothers Vs. Teenage Daughters.
  5. Jeanne Robertson Brings The Laughs With Her Feelings On Cursive Writing
  6. Jeanne Robertson Brings The LOLs With Reasons Why Men Shouldn’t Reserve Rooms
  7. Jeanne Robertson Has Hilarious Case Of Mistaken Identity
  8. Jeanne Robertson Warns Us To Never Take The Hotel Room Key.

Hilarious Comedian Tells Us Why Men Should NEVER Go To The Grocery Store

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