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A great division exists in the minds of Christians. Will the church go through any part of the &quot;Great Tribulation&quot; or will Christ call us out before that terrible time?<br />
The second divide is our failure to correctly identify the nation Israel and Israelites who go through this terrible time, and the church, who are the bride of Christ in God's program for the earth.<br />
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Let us reason together and see why we will NOT enter into the&quot;Great Tribulation&quot;.<br />
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Not before the church is removed from the earth can &quot;The Day of the Lord&quot; begin which starts with this event and is followed by the &quot;Great Tribulation&quot;. Nor can Satan as &quot;the man of sin&quot; be revealed as on a white horse coming to deliver mankind from it's irresolvable perplexities until believer's are gone.<br />
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That time may be close. So let us look for Him and listen for His mighty voice as we serve His glory and His Gospel.See John 14:1-3 Video: &quot;My Father's House&quot; <br />
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Will waiting for &quot;The Great Tribulation&quot; and Satan as &quot;The Man of Sin&quot; give us comfort? <br />
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We look for Jesus Christ to call us out and Him" />


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