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Crossing Cultural Divides
How can you cross cultural divides and engage with the strangers next door?

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Shadow Of Things To Come part 2

The Hebrew writings tell of the coming Promise Seed, the Redeemer. This revelation would be progressively unfolded for a 4000 plus year period of time. During that time many men and women would rise up to the vision of who that person would be. As God distributed the revelation, willing people that sought out God’s truth would project the image of God to some degree that the Promise Seed would fully show when He would come. Jesus Christ when reading the word new that it was he who is the wholeness of this revelation. The word of God was his prescription for life.

As we read these wonderful accounts in the word we can also learn to be more like Jesus. Spiritual life is a walk and growth just as the nature life is. The exception, it is a building of the relationship we have with The Lord and each-other. Learning to walk in a message of knowledge and wisdom is a big part of that relationship. Let’s look at the life of man names Joseph. A life that God chose to use in exemplifying learning to walk by His Spirit. A life that not only help Jesus grow in wisdom and knowledge, but also can help us.

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