Evolution of Creation Trailer

Evolution of Creation is an exciting, upcoming documentary which presents, from a scientific perspective, the big picture of the biblical view of origins.

More than ever in history, the book of Genesis in the Bible is seen as nothing more than an irrelevant, outdated book of fiction that has been disproven by science. Sadly, public education systems only allow the teaching of origins from the purely naturalistic, evolutionary perspective. As a result, most people have never been exposed to the explanatory power of the biblical view of origins leaving a generation of young people lost and looking for answers. That’s what The Evolution of Creation documentary is all about; responding to a generation that is hungry for clarity and truth!

We are currently in the process of raising support for this project and would appreciate any prayers or support you can give. For more information, please visit our IndieGogo page: http://igg.me/at/evolutionofcreation.

Thanks os much!

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