Pavao Pavaozinho (Gloria in Rio) - Fernanda Brum [Official Music Video]

Clip Pavão Pavãozinho, which is part of Glória CD, the singer Fernanda Brum. Produced by MK Music, with cinematographer Filipe Arcanjo, script of Alomara Andrade, direction of Dayana Andrade and Fernanda Brum own blurb, the video was captured on cameras<
5D. The video was to hire several communities in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), as the Complexo do Alemão, Pavão Pavãozinho and Vigário General. In addition, the Central of Brazil and a train ride to the Vigário General. Also brings the group's participation

AfroLata, AfroMangue, Akon and AfroReggae Theatre Troupe, in addition to community residents who participated with great joy. Highlights for the boy Matheus. The Afroreggae supported the MK Music releasing their groups and accompanying the team on all

rentals: our many thanks. And may God bless our country tremendously! Prophesied a time RESTORATION.

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