The Story of the Nativity by the kids of Opawa Baptist Church

The kids at Opawa Baptist Church tell the story of the Nativity by putting themselves into the shoes of the various characters surrounding the birth of Christ.

The resulting interviews in this video range from insightful to absurd, but are often a fascinating and hysterical look back to Bethlehem through the eyes of modern kids.

If you wish to use this video in your worship, you have our blessings. Our only request is that you let God guide your decisions in what you do with it. Please be nice.

If you have something positive to say, please say it. We are a tiny church in Christchurch, New Zealand and after having our city devastated by earthquakes this past year, our kids (all of us, actually) can use all the cheerful words you can muster.

Cheers, and Merry Christmas!

Opawa Baptist Church
285 Wilsons Road
Christchurch, New Zealand 8023

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