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Two Sorrows
When have you sensed a heavy and consistent guilt?

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God's Presence To Us

Christmas begins with CHRIST / Keep CHRIST in CHRISTmas!

I wanted so much to express the love of Jesus, during Christmas time, by bringing out the true meaning of Christmas, and for the world to know, why God sent His Son.

I pray and hope that every person that watches this video, is blessed by it, as I was blessed in making this video for Jesus. I could not have made this video, without the inspiration of my Lord and Savior.

May you all, have a Christ center, spirit filled, blessed CHRISTmas!

With Christ's Love,

Nilda and my daughter Laura :D


Joy to the world!

For the Babe that was born

Didn't stay in the manger

On that blessed morn!

Joy to the world!

For the Son came to save!

Overcoming to free us

From sin and the grave!

Joy to the world!

For the Lamb Who was slain!

On the cross He bore all of our

Sin and our shame!

Joy to the world!

For His love still abides!

Yes, the grave could not hold Him!

Our Lord is alive!


Hallelujah! Sing Hallelujah to the King!

Joy to the world! Let the nations all sing!

Hallelujah! Sing Glory! Let Hosannas ring!

Joy to the world! He is Jesus the King!

Joy to the world!

For His love without end!

For we were not abandoned to die in our sin!

Joy to the world!

For His mercy and grace!

God has sent a Redeemer to die in our place!


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