Must See, Angels In Action!

I thought it good to shew the signs and wonders that the high God hath wrought toward me. Daniel 4:2;
This video was tapped 1/12/12, They seem to be dancing and rejoicing along with me! I have been asking God for a sign, to show me something that would prove to me that His hand was with me, like the men in the Bible who had a visitation from an angel, who spoke the Word of God to them and sent them to His task. I needed to know that he was guiding me, I know His Spirit is in me by the evidence of the fruit I am displaying, but I needed to know by some sign, that I would not wonder any longer. The things that are happening in my life right now are beyond me or mans understanding, they are truly the unsearchable riches of God, those things which are a mystery and only shown to a select few... I am honored!
I was video tapping and singing to the clouds, and this is what showed up on my video, I can hardly wait to look at the rest of the videos I tapped!

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