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The Intellecual Insanity of Relativism

If you take relativism to its logical conclusion, it makes all of life totally meaningless. If someone is a true relativist, he cant even be sure if his Wrigelys gum hes chewing is Wrigleys gum!

But notice what Sam says when I ask her, Do you ever wonder about the purpose for which you live? is it fulfilling? Is it meaningful?" I asked that because a true relativist, a relativist who has thought through her worldview and seen its logical conclusion, encounters the most horrid reality: my existence is totally purposeless. Her response is revealing: I am writing a book on that right would be nice if I could find my purpose.

If Sam understands the truth and glory and holiness of Jesus Christ and surrenders her life to Him, she will then experience her true purpose and that is to worship the living God!

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