3) A City of Spokane, WA. - lady testifies of healing/ Apostolic Miracle Revival Waukegan Illinois/ Pastor F. Daniels/ D

The Lord is a miracle working God. Bro. Ashcraft prayed for my lungs and back tonight. I immediately felt the power of the Lord. The minister didn't know where I was from when he spoke and said, "What God is giving you tonight is for your journey ahead." We're from Spokane, Washington and we're here in Chicago, but I feel the journey he spoke of was not just for the physical journey home but for the journey in God ahead. Bro. Ashcraft prayed for me specifically for my lungs and back. I knew this was a word from the Lord because the minister did not know me or that I have battled with both asthma and scoliosis for many years. I knew I was healed instantly, and I that I received that healing from Jesus Christ. I believe for myself because I witnessed God heal my husband of cancer this past year. Praise the Lord!!! I give God all the glory and I love and thank Him so much.

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