Kasih - Christian Worship Song ( with lyrics in Malay and English )

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Written and performed ( piano,vocals, lyrics ) by Esther Mui


Lyrics in Malay and English:

Kasih cinta dari hati membawa kita bersama

The love of God brings us together

Ucaplah tentang kasih ini supaya dunia dapat memdengar

Let's spread this love so the world will know

Bahasa kasih Cinta, pelbagai bahasa

Love is spoken of in many languages

Diucapkan di sini

It is being spoken of in this place

Pelbagai bangsa, pelbagai cinta

We may be of different races, with different forms of love

Semuanya dari hati

All spoken from the heart

Tetapi kasih Tuhan yang terutama

But God's love is the greatest

Kasihnya sempurna

His love is perfect

Kasih sejati dan ikhlas

His love is pure and sincere

Kasih yang tiada bandingannya

None other can compare with His love

Kasih - Christian Worship Song ( with lyrics )

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