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2009 Second Week of School & Photo Montage: Navajo Evangelical Lutheran Mission in Rock Point, AZ

2009 Navajo Lutheran Mission Second Week of School & Photo Montage:

Adorable K-6th grade Navajo children during second week of school at the Navajo Lutheran Mission in Rock Point, Arizona and a photo montage

Narrated by Rev. Dr. Lynn Hubbard, NELM executive director

1-928-659-4201 (Office)

1-928-659-4202 (School)


NELM School Principal Felisita Jones

Kindergarten teacher Sharon Woody

1st grade teacher Lark Pet$$$

2nd grade teacher Jolene Wilson

3rd and 4th grade teacher Pauline Wagon

5th and 6th grade teacher Eileen Holiday

Tara Chee, NELM Community Services Coordinator and Navajo Language and Culture Instructor

2009 NELM Board of Directors

Ron Augustson, Chair

Janice Lee Jim

Roger Johnsen

Jerry Thomas

Bill Heincke

Richard Wixom

David Ulibarri

Jeannie M. Harvey

Christel Badey

Clarence Begay

Sue Vogel-Herrera

Alice Natale

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"Mission in Reverse" - The Lutheran Magazine November 2009 NELM story

NELM Ex. Dir. Rev. Dr. Lynn Hubbard









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