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A Heart of Gratitude
When do you find it most difficult to maintain a posture of gratitude?

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Manifestation Part 3 B

If you want to wield the power of God you should know the how to's. The manifestations is a study of 1 Corinthians 12-14 the main section in the bible on the proper used of the manifestation of
holy spirit inside the church.

The entire Word of God is revelation from God 01:43

The word is not the manifestation of revelation 02:30

The men traveling with Paul saw nothing but did hear something 10:19

How the churches communicated with each other 15:00

Acts 22 20:00

Information is pertenant to that moment in time 25:00

Paul's first reaction was not to consult with any human beings 30:00

Who Paul preached to 35:00

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