Breaking Prophecy News; An Overview of the End Times


Signs of His Coming: Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu says sanctions on Iran 'better work soon' | Israel's top general says that while he doubts Iran will make a bomb, it is dangerous for Islamic fundamentalists to have the capability to do so | Kazakhstan threatens to forcefully close a Methodist church

Prophecy Bootcamp: Our topic for today is titled "An Overview of the End Times" from John MacArthur's book "The Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ."

Action Point: God wants us to share the message of the Gospel with those around us. In light of that, we are at the fourth and final part of our series titled 'How to gain a passion for winning souls'.

+ Plus, listen to Hillsong singing "Soon"

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Today's Devotional

Protecting a Promise
To what promise from God are you clinging today? Why can you trust that He will come through as He’s promised?

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