submitting to God and extending grace

2008-7-13 Part 1 Modeling Uncompromising submitting to God and extending grace (Gen. 42-45)<br />
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POWER&acirc;?&brvbar;over other people is modeled in no better way than grace is applied to them. Possessing a position of authority over another person who has let you down or hurt you can create a temptation to hold that against them. Having the power to pardon the wrong and withholding that is an abuse of that power&acirc;?&brvbar;and it results in creating cracks in relationships. We can quickly think of God, the ultimate power, and how he showed his strength by closing the gap that severed our relationship with Him. He extended grace and invited us to draw close again. This same sort of merciful action is displayed in Joseph&acirc;??s life, which we will learn from this morning. This morning may we each begin to examine how we exercise our power, extend grace and close the gap of relationships around us. It starts with a grateful submissive heart of worship to our Lord!!

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