1 of 3 - Losing Your First Love - Billy Crone

Remember those days when you first got saved where you naturally abounded in joy and each day was an exciting adventure? In fact, nobody had to twist your arm to pray or beg you to study your Bible and because of this, you were empowered to live a life beyond you're wildest dreams! But now...you're not only spiritually dry but it feels like God is a million miles away! What happened? What went wrong? Well, it might simply be a sign that you've been tricked and deceived into Losing Your First Love! This series first exposes the 4-Step process of Losing Your First Love. When you No Longer Place Your Faith in God, No Longer Pray to God, No Longer Read the Word of God, and are No Longer Obedient to God. Then secondly, you'll discover how to get it your first love back. When you Remember Your Previous Behavior, Repent of Your Current Behavior, and Redo the Right Behavior Right Now. Folks, it really pretty simple. If we can't seem to spend time with our Supernatural God, then we shouldn't expect to experience His Supernatural Power. People of God, this is the great news. Even if you've been living a mediocre passionless walk with God for many years, you don't have to stay that way. Sometimes you just need to go back to doing those things you naturally did when you first got saved. And when you do, you'll discover that overnight you've just been empowered to run the game of life again beyond your wildest dreams! Why? Because God loves you and He doesn't want to be tricked into Losing Your First Love for Him!

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