from where you are

From Where You Are, written and performed by Jason Wade, a member of a band named Lifehouse. Mr. Wade was inspired to write the song by the death of a 16-year-old friend in an auto accident.The commercial dramatizes the issue by showing a highway crowded with cars filled with teenage passengers that suddenly disappear. Every year, nearly 6,000 teenagers go for a drive and never come back; says the actor Dennis Haysbert, the Allstate spokesman. He asks the parents watching the spot to start the conversation with their teenage children about driving safely. For more information on Lifehouse and Jason Wade's music, visit I would also like to dedicate this song to all the young and old alike, who are serving our country and sacrificing their lives now and in the past.This war and in the past are fought physically as well as spiritually. We can support our troops and loved ones with prayer. To those who aren't with the ones they love, pray, have faith and just believe!!Thank you to all who are and have served our country and Israel in our struggles against wickedness in this world. God bless you!!

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