'In The Name' Lakewood Music Acoustic Performance

'In The Name' Lakewood Music Acoustic Performance

Check out this video to watch the acoustic performance of ‘In The Name’ by Lakewood Music and hear the story behind the song.

“Our God is strong in battle, our God can never fail, through Him all chains are broken
In Him the sick are healed, in the name of Jesus, giants are defeated
Every single mountain has to move, You're faithful to Your promise
You finish what You started, there is none as powerful as You, Jesus”

What a beautiful song full of hope! In the music video, there are two guitarists and one pianist playing alongside three vocalists. And the vocalists blend their voices together in such a lovely way and sound wonderful when they are harmonizing.

The talented musicians singing ‘In The Name’ are a part of Lakewood Music which is a collective of worship leaders, musicians, and songwriters from Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. Their passion is to write songs which capture the sound of hope that resonates in every human heart.

After they are done singing the ‘In The Name,’ two of the members from Lakewood Music are interviewed about the song and how it came about.

“We’ve been singing this song in our church for a while now and we’ve really seen it become an anthem of our church,” shares Alexandra, one of the members of Lakewood Music. “We’ve seen it grow as something our church has really grown to grasp onto and hold onto through so many different seasons. Which was really the heart behind this song. That this would be something that we could declare and believe that we know is true about Jesus through every season.”

The song reminds us that there is power in the name of Jesus. And when we are speaking the name of Jesus in the middle of our struggles, we are given the strength to make it through.

The song also reminds us of how faithful our God is. Our God is strong in power, and He is the ultimate healer.

We hope that you enjoyed listening to this song and it was life-giving for you today!

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