Mister Rogers Gets Pranked By His Crew And He Has The Best Reaction

Mister Rogers Gets Pranked By His Crew And He Has The Best Reaction

When crew members tried to trick Mister Rogers, it didn’t go as planned!

Fred Rogers, affectionately known as Mister Rogers gets pranked by his crew and he has the best reaction. Our beloved Mister Rogers is just as playful, delightful, and kind hearted when everything is going his way and even when his crew tries to trick him but what happens next has everyone amazed.

During the opening production of Mister Roger’s Neighborhood, nothing seems out of the ordinary. In fact, Fred doesn’t seem to think anything is amiss as the music cues, and walks into his living room singing, “It’s a beautiful day.”

Fred continues to make his way to his bench where he takes off his walking shoes in favor of his house shoes. It’s a scene we have witnessed in every episode but this time--Fred can't put his feet into the shoes.

At first, he continues to sing as he tries to fit the too small shoes onto the first foot. But as he continues to push one foot in and try on the other shoe, he stops singing in favor of a good hearty laugh when he realizes the shoes aren't his!

Chuckling, he realizes his crew is messing with him. He looks up at his crew and has the biggest, brightest smile on his face.

With a sparkle in his eyes, he takes the prank in stride and tries to guess who switched out his shoes. Then, his eyes land on one of the crew members by the name of Jeff, who happens to be wearing Fred’s shoes!

The whole crew shared in the laughter and comical moment, too. It’s obvious by Fred’s reaction, there is no difference between his on camera persona of Mister Rogers and the candid moments as well. He was his usual kind, good natured self. It’s exactly the kind of reaction I would've expected from such an inspirational man!

“By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” John 13:35

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