Woman Almost Misses Her Own Proposal During Disney Dance-Off

Woman Almost Misses Her Own Proposal During Disney Dance-Off

One woman makes a funny mistake - she almost misses her own proposal while dancing to a Disney song.

The woman, Alodie Rodriguez-Mourier, was busy playing Just Dance with her six-year-old sister. Both were busting a move to Disney’s Frozen. Her boyfriend, Josmar, was busting his own move on one knee. He stood behind Alodie, very close, so close he could have touched her if he wanted.

He bore a smile on his face and a ring in his hand.

Still, she kept on dancing. She was completely unaware that the man of her life was ready to ask her one of life’s most important, but hardest questions.

Josmar Taveras figured that at some point during the dance his girlfriend would turn and see him. That’s what he thought. There was no way she couldn’t, right? Not with him being so close.

“We were super into it and it’s funny because I had no idea. I just, completely oblivious. I did not expect it,” Alodie said later.

Alodie did in fact turn during the dancing, but her boyfriend, now fiancé, still went unnoticed. She didn’t spot a ring.

Alodie and her sister did some movement that even required them to walk side to side. Josmar kept on watching gleefully and excitedly. He was anticipating the moment, but no matter how much Alodie changed up her dance moves, she only seemed focused on dancing. He even held the ring up to her back, maybe hoping she would see his reflection in the television. That was not the case.

He had to fight back laughter because in watching the video she turns around more than once.

Alodie’s sister Zoe said, “And she spin around twice and didn’t see him.”

The little girl looks and sounds so funny calling out her big sis. Apparently, these two take Just Dance very seriously. Alodie added, “I can’t let my kid six-year-old sister beat me at “Let It Go” on Just Dance or we’re gonna have bigger problems.”

“And I did,” Zoe cuts in. Hilarious!

Josmar decided to wait for his girlfriend instead of interrupting her competition. She lost in the game, but she won in her relationship.

After the dance-off, she turned and finally saw Josmar. Her mouth dropped. She sat on the floor and cried.

The couple has not made any wedding plans yet, and we’re sure they’re enjoying this new season in their love story--probably set to the soundtrack from Frozen.

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