'Place Called Hope' Gaither Vocal Band Performance

'Place Called Hope' Gaither Vocal Band Performance

This ‘Place Called Hope’ Gaither Vocal Band performance is absolutely beautiful.

The Gaither Vocal band, named after its founder Bill Gaither, created its name in gospel music over 40 years ago. The members of the group have come and gone, but the original goal has remained the same -- singing for God.

The members in the group when this video was filmed included Guy Penrod, Wes Hampton, Marshall Hall, and Bill Gaither. Now the band has three different members, but Wes and Bill have stayed.

In the four decades, the band has released 29 albums in addition to other compilations of music. ‘Place Called Hope’ is one of those wonderful songs and was originally released 15 years ago on their album, ‘Give It Away.’

Although a lot of their original songs have important meanings, this one feels quite special. Gloria Gaither shared the story behind the song on their website.

On a traditional outing that began in the early 70s, Bill and Gloria drove around country roads with their kids. But at one point during the adventure, Bill would pull the car off onto a back road and shut it off.

He told the kids to be quiet and to listen for the water flowing in a far-off well. Gloria compared that spring to “a place in the human spirit where we can always go to be surprised by hope.” And that place is with God.

This story translated beautifully into a song.

There's a family feast
Where there's joy and peace
Goin' back to a place called Hope

Life can get pretty difficult sometimes, and we can forget our purpose along the way. We have to remember to take a step back and remember what all of this is for. And God will always be there to remind us.

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