'Holy Sound' The Belonging Co. Featuring Sarah Reeves

'Holy Sound' The Belonging Co. Featuring Sarah Reeves

Listen to this beautiful worship song called ‘Holy Sound’ by The Belonging Co and featuring Sarah Reeves.

“You need no invitation, this all belongs to You, we’re full of expectation
We’re gonna see you move, where two or more are gathered, there’s power in the room
You’re all our hearts are after, there’s nothing You can’t do
Let everything with breath raise up a holy sound from east to west
Till earth and heaven’s praises shake the ground, raise up a holy sound”

This official music video of ‘Holy Sound’ is so uplifting and encouraging! It is a song that just makes you want to sing out and make a joyful sound for the Lord. It reminds us of His miracles and promises that we can see in our lives.

According to the YouTube caption, ‘Holy Sound’ is an “articulation of our thanksgiving towards God. Praise is how we invite the presence of God to saturate our atmosphere. This song prompts us to engage our voices and release our sound of praise to Him.”

The Belonging Co is a church in Nashville, TN. Since its start in 2014, the church “has become known as a place to find freedom, breakthrough, and healing through God’s Word, His presence and worship.”

As it says on their YouTube page, the heart of The Belonging Co is that “every song released would empower both individuals and the collective body of Christ to encounter God through worship and experience the freedom that comes through knowing Jesus. We desire encounter over entertainment, intimacy over industry, presence over presentation, people over position, and most of all, Jesus over everything.”

We hope that you enjoyed worshipping along to this song today, and that the words of ‘Holy Sound’ left you feeling encouraged. May we always sing praises to our Heavenly Father and find our joy in Him.

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