Travis Tritt's Spirited Rendition Of 'Mama Used to Pray For Me' Captivates

Country music star Travis Tritt gave a spirited and moving performance of “Mama Used to Pray for Me,” captivating the studio audience.

Prayer is the most essential activity for a follower of Jesus Christ. Yes, reading God’s Word and studying the Bible daily is needed to grow in knowledge and understanding of Him. It’s the only way to truly learn and familiarize oneself with God, His commands and His teachings. 

But prayer is the best and only way to communicate directly with God. Prayer allows Christians to tell the Creator of the universe their requests, thoughts, fears, hopes and complaints. Praying and talking to God will also build and grow your relationship. How else are you going to grow and develop a relationship without communication? 

Prayer is powerful, and that’s why it's so important to have a parent who prays and talks to God on your behalf. Those with a parent who constantly reaches out to God on their behalf can and will see their lives changed. God is faithful and answers prayer.

In a clip posted on YouTube, Travis sings about having a mother who prayed for him and the difference it made in his life.  Travis sings that in his younger days, when he was rebelling and going against God, his mother’s prayers saw him through and changed his life. 

Now, because his mother started a practice of praying for him as a young man, he does the same for his children. That is all because one woman was faithful and reached out to God for her child.

“So, each night, I’d get down on my knees

I’d close my eyes and bow my head and ask the good Lord, “Please

Watch over all my children; give them everything they need”

Like my mama used to pray for me”

What a beautiful song about the power of prayer.

Philippians 4:6 “Have no cares; but in everything with prayer and praise put your requests before God.”


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