Student Shows Off Michael Jackson Dance For Talent Show

Student Shows Off Michael Jackson Dance For Talent Show

This middle school student showed off his Michael Jackson dance skills during a recent talent show and it’s got everyone talking. I think we can all agree that dancing is truly a beautiful form of art.

There are so many different styles and genres but each and every one allows the dancer to express their self in a unique way. Dancing can also bring so much happiness to others. Even when someone is just watching a performance, they become emotionally invested in the story and movements right in front of them. Dance is certainly a powerful art.

As years pass, dance continues to evolve in a number of different ways. Older styles become obsolete and newer, innovative styles emerge every single day. But there are some dance moves that never go out of style, like those from The King Of Pop, Michael Jackson. It’s been decades since this talent busted onto the scene with signature moves such as ‘The Moonwalk.’

Today, one middle school student is bringing his best Michael Jackson dance skills to the stage at his talent show. You can hear the crowd cheering for this young man as he flawlessly hits every move.

I’m sure it took a lot of time and practice to get this good, but this student definitely nailed the performance. It’s so refreshing to see some of the dances from ‘back in the day.’ It brings back so many memories and I can remember trying to perfect these moves in my living room as a child.

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