Angelic Christmas Crusade [Dallas homeless go WOO-WOO on Christmas Eve!]

Angelic Christmas Crusade [Dallas homeless go WOO-WOO on Christmas Eve!]

This video could become a perennial favorite at Christmastime as it truly captures the essence of Christmas.

Make some special time to enjoy this inspirational video and it does make a wonderful free-of-charge Christmas present. Merry Christmas and God Bless.

Here's how one homeless person got himself off the streets of Dallas, and in gratitude decided to pay it forward by doing something truly special for his homeless comrades. His heart felt the injustice of homeless people spending Christmas Eve in homeless shelters while the rich of Dallas got to spend an evening with their family in front of a crackling fire place, and a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. So, he found a way to get the homeless free first-class lodging at the Hyatt Regency and other upscale hotels in Dallas.

Over the years those 13 original recipients at the Hyatt grew into huge numbers of homeless men, women and children spending a night of homey/cozy comfort in a Dallas hotel room. Only because a formerly homeless man cared enough to get passionately involved in 1997.

This video does not show our ten-year involvement with the pro bono hotel rooms until 2007. However, Mark was the mastermind who started it all. It's important that the real truth is not suppressed as the WHOLE story on Mark is indeed an inspiring one.

Mark Pfeifer is a 1969 graduate of
St. Francis in Humphrey, Nebraska
twitter: homeycozyangel