Golden Retriever Surprised With A New Puppy

Golden Retriever Surprised With A New Puppy

It was a sweet moment captured on camera when this Golden Retriever gets a puppy of her very own.

I think that there’s a reason they say dogs are man’s best friend. These furry friends are more than just animals, they truly become a part of our lives and families.

Some dogs even start to take on the traits and emotions of their humans. These amazing creatures are truly smarter than we ever give them credit for and God truly took extra time when he created them.

Take this sweet Golden Retriever, for instance. She was about to get the surprise of her life and every single emotion was captured on camera.

Just watch as this beautiful dog’s owner’s decided to surprise her with a new puppy. They sat the Golden Retriever in the living room and then brought in a bag with the puppy inside.

As soon as she saw the new addition, this big pup couldn’t help but wag her tail all around. Then, she had to get a closer look at her new roommate and that’s when she really started to get excited. I just love when she starts doing circles out of sheer joy.

Then, the new puppy comes out of the bag and it’s almost too much to handle. Just watch the older Golden lay down on the ground and roll right onto her back.

She just wants to cuddle and play with the new puppy so bad. I have a feeling that these two are going to be the best of friends and they’re definitely going to have a lot of adventures together.

What a pair!

Dog Reacts To New Puppy

This dog's reaction is the best thing ever 😍

Posted by LADbible on Friday, July 13, 2018

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