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Cat Interrupts Interview By Jumping On Man's Head

Cat Interrupts Interview By Jumping On Man's Head

Live television can be completely unpredictable. For better or for worse, you never know what is going to happen next. There have been so many instances of reporters and news anchors having hilarious mishaps on air, but I think this Polish man takes the cake.

Jerzy Targalski is a political historian and he was recently asked to do an interview for a Dutch television show. He was all set up at his home to do the interview and the questions started to roll in. Targalski was so professional as he spoke on recent political events, but just as he was getting into the discussion a surprise guest showed up.

Targalski’s orange tabby cat jumped onto his lap and quickly made his way to his owner’s head. That’s when the hilarity really ensued. This professional didn’t miss a beat as he continued speaking but the curious cat wasn’t going anywhere. There is even one point where Targalski has to hold back the cat’s tail when it covers his eyes.

I can’t believe that he was able to keep going with this interview and he didn’t let anything faze him. We all know that cats have a mind of their own and there’s no telling them what to do, so I guess this tabby just wanted a little on-air time too. Whatever the reason, it is absolutely hilarious to watch and I definitely had to hit replay a couple of times. Would your furbaby ever do something like this? I’m pretty sure mine would!