Mother Hen Shields Babies From The Rain

Mother Hen Shields Babies From The Rain

This moving video of a mother hen protecting her babies was taken by Anil Kuma Pentakota in India. Sometimes seeing the instinctual love of a mother animal does our heart good. There is little that a mother will not do for their young to protect them and give them the opportunity to grow stronger.

As the video begins, the mother hen spreads her wings as her brood of five featherless babies gather beneath them. The rain is beginning to puddle around them as she stands strong against the damp conditions.

“This video was taken at a local fish market when there was heavy rain, we can see mother’s love in the natures way,” told ViralHog. “A hen protecting its chicks in heavy rain.”

Even through what appears to be an intense rain storm, this mother hen continues to protect her young without complaining. Setting aside her own comfort, this mama’s only concern was for those baby chicks. The babies knew that Mom would protect them as they quickly huddled together to wait out the storm. Commenters on social media were moved by the video, comparing the natural concern of this mother hen to it’s human counterparts.

“A mothers love for her children🙏🏼” wrote one commenter.

It’s easy to be wrapped up in life and forget what our own parents have sacrificed for us. This video has us thinking back to childhood. There were so many times our our mothers protected us, offered the last spoonful of food, or simply allowed our desires to come before hers. What a blessing to have a parent who cares so deeply for their children. We hope that you remember to thank your mother, father, or other mentor for the love and protection they may have offered to you!

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