Rescuers Land Plane In Water For Helpless Sea Turtle

When this small aircraft spotted a helpless animal in the ocean, they knew they needed to step in a help. That's when these brave rescuers landed the plane in the water to reach the poor sea turtle. The turtle was all tangled up in trash and could not swim properly.

Thankfully, these men arrived just in the nick of time and scooped the turtle out of the water. They weren't unable to free him on the water, so they had to take the turtle to land where the netting was finally cut off. Then, the rescued creature was walked back to the water and set free again.

I was so happy to see him easily swim away! I am so amazed at the hearts of these rescuers to land a plane in the water to save this poor sea turtle. Without their help, there's no doubt this turtle would not have lasted long.

This was definitely one of those edge-of-your-seat rescues but I'm so thankful that it all turned out okay. God bless these rescuers!

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