Tim Hawkins Medley Of Parenting Songs

Tim Hawkins Medley Of Parenting Songs

There's no doubt that parenting is full of ups and downs. But if there is one thing that is true for all parents, it is that sometimes you just have to laugh.

Whether it is lollipops between the couch cushion or the baby that always strips down to a diaper right before you leave the house, sometimes you just have to sit back and chuckle at this crazy life. And if there is one person who is great at bringing humor to the struggles of parenting it is Christian comedian and dad of four, Tim Hawkins.

Tim never fails to disappoint at taking popular songs and adapting them to make the struggles of life a little funnier. And Tim loves to use music to communicate things to his kids, since we all know they have selective hearing!

This video is a montage of his funniest songs about parenting. From Jason Mraz to Bono and John Mayer, Tim takes their popular hits to tell stories from parenting that will have you saying ‘so true’! Which song hit hilariously close to home for your family?

Hilarious Parenting Songs 😂😂😂

Parenting today be like 😂😂😂 Credit: YouTube | Tim Hawkins

Posted by God Over Everything on Sunday, January 21, 2018