'His Hands' Worship Cover Performed In God's Land

'His Hands' Worship Cover Performed In God's Land

Listen to this wonderful worship cover of the song ‘His Hands’ performed by a musician from Utah in God’s beautiful creation.

"His Hands would serve his whole life through, showing men what hands may do,
Giving, ever giving endlessly, each day was filled with selflessness,
And I'll not rest 'til I make of my hands what they could be,
'Til these hands become like those of Galilee."

What a beautiful young woman with a beautiful voice! Her voice is so clear and angelic. And she can wonderfully hit all of those high notes.

In this video, she is singing in a lovely setting, on a chair in a rolling field with stunning mountains in the background. The sun is starting to set while she is singing, and it is casting a golden light all over her and the field that she’s in.

The lyrics of this song are so sweet and tender, talking about the hands of Jesus and all that they did. Those hands of his served throughout his whole life before they were pierced during his crucifixion.

“This video was filmed and released in August of 2020 as the first video of Christian Covers official,” reads the caption on the Christian Covers YouTube page. “Since then, we have released one professionally made music video every week for the past several months. We hope you enjoy!”

According to their YouTube page, Christian Cover releases one uplifting music video every Sunday that talks about Jesus Christ. “Each video will be different along with each song and artist. We are excited to share our talents with you and are extremely grateful for your support!” reads their page.

We hope that you were encouraged by the song ‘His Hands’ today. And let this video serve as a reminder of all the amazing things that Jesus did and how he died to save us all!

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