Chance Encounter With Doctor Leads Amy Grant To Life-Saving Heart Surgery

Chance Encounter With Doctor Leads Amy Grant To Life-Saving Heart Surgery

A chance encounter with a doctor leads Amy Grant to a life-saving heart surgery!

Amy Grant is a six-time Emmy award winner, and her music is inspiring and uplifting. Amy herself is said to have a heart of gold, but on this day she discovered that all was not right with her heart!

One day, Amy accompanied her singer-songwriter husband, Vince Gill to his cardiologist appointment. He was there for a check-up, and Amy came along to keep him company and hear how he was doing.

After he completed Vince’s examination, the doctor suggested that he check out Amy’s heart as well. Amy agreed to the physical examination, and what the doctor discovered changed Amy’s life.

He sent her on her way saying everything sounded good. But the next day after the results came in the doctor texted Amy, “call me as soon as you get this text.” Immediately, Amy knew something wasn’t right. The doctor had discovered that Amy had a heart condition called Partial Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Return (PAPVR.)

PAPVR is when one or two of your pulmonary veins returns the oxygenated blood to the right atrium instead of the left, resulting in oxygen-filled blood circulating to the lungs and not the rest of the body. This meant that Amy needed surgery right away to get the issue resolved.

She shared that the doctor told her this surgery was normally performed on two and three-year-olds when their condition was first discovered. . . or during autopsy of those in their sixties. “Well, let’s not do that!” said Amy, now 59 years old.

When Amy was asked if she had felt pre-existing symptoms she claimed that after performances she “sometimes, I feel like I’m suffocating,” Amy said. But the feeling would quickly pass and she didn’t feel ‘bad.’

She never suspected that anything was wrong, so she continued her daily life.

After Amy had undergone heart surgery, she says she feels a lot better. Amy is now living life to the fullest, and still performing around the country.

When asked about Vince’s appointment, Amy said that her husband has a family history of heart attacks. She also said that when Vince would walk up stairs he said that something was wrong or didn’t feel right.

But the doctor assured Vince that he was fine and needed to exercise more and have a healthier diet. Amy and Vince are living happily after such a scary discovery. They are both thankful they are able to continue living life as planned, and things worked themselves out!

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