Older Man Steps Up To Dance Machine And Wows The Crowd With His Moves

Older Man Steps Up To Dance Machine And Wows The Crowd With His Moves

An older man steps up to a dance machine, and he wows the crowd with his moves!

When there’s good music playing, it’s difficult to sit still. Maybe you simply tap your toe, or you do a little seat dance, or if you love the song enough, you may just hit the dance floor to show off your best moves. But what if you’re in the middle of a mall or street? What if it involves a dance machine? Would you bust a move?

One older gentleman was caught on camera with his epic dance moves. The video shared on Youtube, reveals a man dressed in a t-shirt and sweatpants. He stands in front of the dance machine and goes through various dance categories before raising his hand to signal his selection. Suddenly, it’s game on as he gets serious, so serious that he pulls up his pants and tucks in his shirt. The man doesn’t just bop along to the music, though. He has some epic moves.

He follows the animated characters on the screen move for move that are a combination of martial arts and band boy dance moves. Soon a crowd gathers to witness this epic moment, including one man dressed in a Mario Brothers Costume. The man’s dancing was contiguous because some of the onlookers even joined in on certain parts. Old age be darned! This guy proves that age is just a number as the crowd cheers them on.

As the song ends, he swoops his arms in a circle with hands mimicking a crane before he stops in a pose. The crowd around him erupts with cheers.This man’s love of music and his sweet, sweet moves are an inspiration for everyone to get up and dance whenever the mood strikes no matter how old you are!

Check out the epic performance in his viral video — and be sure to share with anyone who could use a smile!

Let them praise his name with dancing, making melodies to him with tambourine and lyre! Psalm 149:3

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