Doorbell Camera Captures Neighbor Saving Family Of 6 From Fire

Doorbell Camera Captures Neighbor Saving Family Of 6 From Fire

When a blaze broke out in a family home, a neighbor came to their rescue, and the Salgado family’s doorbell camera captured the whole thing!

You may be lucky enough to be graced with a good neighbor, you may even be lucky enough to have a great neighbor, but neighbors like Carolyn Palisch are truly a blessing from God.

After noticing fire and smoke emerging from the nearby home of the Salgado family of six, neighbor Carolyn didn't think twice before rushing to the house to warn them. The whole scene unfolded in a flash, but the family's doorbell camera captured it all as Carolyn reached the front door of the family's home.

When Carolyn Palisch, a nurse for 40 years, saw smoke billowing outside her window one winter morning, she immediately went outside to investigate. Upon inspection, Carolyn saw her neighbor's house being consumed by fire and smoke.

Carolyn knew she couldn’t hesitate to jump into action after noticing the fire and smoke, rushing past flames to get to the front door of the Salgado's household. The Salgado's doorbell camera caught Carolyn on video as she ran past fire and smoke, still dressed in her morning robe, in order to alert the sleeping family by banging on their door.

As the door opened, Carolyn rushed further into action by entering the burning house to ensure everyone inside made it out quickly and safely.

"We were all asleep," a member of the Salgado family shared when describing the morning. "We hadn't heard anything, we didn't smell anything. She made sure we got out of that house."

Upon their arrival, the local fire department explained that if the family had been asleep for merely five more minutes they might not have woken up, and the situation could have made a tragic turn.

Because of the bravery and action of one heroic neighbor, a family still lives today. "She's family," the Salgados stated, "and she is going to be a part of our lives forever."

"For the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Galatians 5:14

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