'Once Upon A Green' Southern Raised Bluegrass Band

'Once Upon A Green' Southern Raised Bluegrass Band

The talented quartet of Southern Raised perform a toe-tapping Irish composition titled, ‘Once Upon A Green.’

Siblings Lindsay, Sarah, Emily and Matt make up the Southern Raised Bluegrass band. The group was raised in the Ozark Mountains and they have blended their traditional music upbringing with multiple genres and their deep-rooted faith. For years, they’ve entertained us with popular covers of songs such as ‘What A Day That Will Be’ and ‘Shenandoah.’

The group describes themselves as creating a ‘Southern Raised trademark sound where classical meets bluegrass and city streets meets country roads. SR has morphed a progressive sound that spans Christian Country/ Bluegrass, Celtic and Classical.’

Today, they are sharing an original composition as they play ‘Once Upon A Green.’ This Irish-inspired piece was written by Matt and Emily and features the unmistakable sounds of Irish Tin whistles.

And from the moment this performance started, it was hard to sit still. Other viewers agreed and said, “Amazing. Your music brings such joy.” Another commenter said, “Great presentation! Really enjoyed listening, you guys always put your heart into your music.”

Each one is spot on because the members of Southern Raised put so much passion and life into their music. Every song has a personal feel and they truly transport you back in time. It is so wonderful to watch the next generation honor their ancestors with such beautiful music. Who else is hoping to hear more of this Irish/Bluegrass mash up? I know I sure am!

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