Lauren Daigle Shares Thoughts On 21 Day Social Media Fast

Lauren Daigle Shares Thoughts On 21 Day Social Media Fast

Lauren Daigle shares her thoughts on embarking on a 21-day social media fast. And it’s a message that many of us needed to hear.

Social media is a huge part of our daily lives now. It can be a huge positive for keeping up with friends, and loved ones. Some use it as a tool for advertising for their businesses to help them be successful. It's how some people make their income if they are content creators, influencers and models.

However, if you are just a normal person who is obsessed with consuming large amounts of screen time a day, it can definitely have a negative effect on you.

Recently, there was a video that Lauren Dagile shared on Youtube where she talked about a 21-day fast from social media.

Lauren is a famous christian singer and songwriter who also has a large Youtube following of 2.11 million subscribers. Lauren shared that there were a few things that she realized things were different after coming back from her 21-day fast.

The first day after her fast, Lauren hopped online and scrolled for just a few moments. She later realized that as she was going through the rest of her day, she felt a nagging sense of discontentment. She kept remembering what others’ had posted and she found herself worried about what she was doing in relation to what they were doing.

Lauren realized that she has a problem of comparing herself to others. This comparison was sucking the joy out of her day, the first day she was back online, after only being online for a few moments!

Lauren also touches on the importance of just turning your brain off for a few minutes. With our phones right there, it’s easy to start the endless scroll and get sucked into spending way more time online than we intended to do. It’s easy to lose a good chunk of your day where you are just stuck staring at your phone.

Lauren said, “what it breeds in my life is nothing potent and fruitful.” These words have an impact in the sense that there are basically a lot of pitfalls that can have a negative impact on you from social media.
If anything, when you look at others and what they do it just takes you onto a road where you feel sad and compare yourself to them. Ultimately, a 21-day social media fast is something from which we could all benefit.

Take a break and unplug from everything, and start to focus on the good and important things that are right in front of us.

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