Crystal Gayle Sings A Medley Of Country Hits

Crystal Gayle Sings A Medley Of Country Hits

Who doesn’t remember Crystal Gayle with a melodic and tuneful voice that could make the angels weep? Crystal Gayle sings a medley of country hits, and you won’t want to miss it!

In this mashup video, the singer performs a variety of classic songs including, “Let Me Be There” by Olivia Newton John, “Don’t Come A-Drinkin,” by her sister, Loretta Lynn, and her version of “I’ll Get Over You.”

The music clip opens with Gayle standing on a multi-level stage lit with lights. She walks out in a simple white dress with her famously long hair free and flowing down her back. With nothing but her microphone, she wows the audience with her array of songs, some of which the audience even sings along to.

Crystal Gayle was actually born Brenda Gail Webb in 1951. She was an American country singer and songwriter and began her musical career with her sister Loretta Lynn who helped her sign a recording contract with Decca Records in 1970.

Because her music was considered “middle-of-the-road” she crossed the lines between pop and country and was one of the most successful crossover artists of her time. Her biggest hits included "Ready for the Times to Get Better" (1977), "Talking in Your Sleep" (1978), "Half the Way" (1979) and "You and I" (1982.)

Gayle has won one Grammy Award and has been nominated for several others since the 1970s. She has also won five Academy of Country Music awards; those awards include receiving the Cliffie Stone Pioneer Award in 2016.

Watch the video and see for yourself why the talented star was so beloved. Even the comments about the video are proof of her talent. One commenter said, “Pure talent. So interesting to witness her from the beginning and see a great talent to start with becoming ever-more greater. [sic] She is one of the most relaxed and natural of artists, vocally perfect.”

And another said, “Your voice is special. Just by hearing it I can know it's you, even if I haven't heard some of your songs, still I can distinguish it. That means you are original!”

Lift up a song, strike the tambourine, play the sweet-sounding harp and lyre. Psalm 81:2

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