YouTube Star Tips Delivery Drivers $1000 And Receives Unexpected Response

YouTube Star Tips Delivery Drivers $1000 And Receives Unexpected Response

During a time with fear and chaos, being kind to one another may seem to some that it has become pretty much unheard of.

Since the Coronavirus pandemic has started, it has really put a halt in our day to day life, making it hard to even do simple things like go to the store, get food etc. without the risk of getting infected. More and more people have begun to start working at companies such as UberEats, and DoorDash to make some money, as well as be able to keep a job in the world today while things have been so difficult.

Dawson ‘Daws’ Gurley’s YouTube Channel called BigDawsTv has over 7 million subscribers, and often shares pranks and other hidden camera videos. This isn’t the only time the channel has featured acts of kindness. In other videos, they have handed out free phones to strangers, and they have another video of them tipping delivery drivers.

In this video, YouTube star Daws orders one or two items off of a delivery service company, and he waits on the orders to be delivered. The drivers are very friendly and polite to him, hand him his order, and back away to social distance. Even though tips are allowed, they clearly aren’t expecting one as they tell him to have a nice day and turn to get back in their cars.

But then Daws tells them that he is going to bless them with a $1,000 tip. Most of them had shock on their face and believed it was a prank. But there is also a lot of gratitude for what this tip meant for them.

One particular woman burst into tears when given the money, “You have no idea what you have done for me,” said the woman. This young woman, Indy, had just gone through a terrible loss. “I lost my baby just three months ago,” she continued, “and I have hospital bills.” As the heartbroken woman sobbed, she then said gratefully,”You have no idea what this is going to do for me and my family.”

Daws went on to surprise more delivery drivers and then went back into his house for the day. That’s when he noticed one of the delivery drivers returned to the house and left a letter in his mailbox.

Curious, he read the letter, which said in part, “Thank you very, very much. You have lifted my heart toward humanity today and showed me there is kindness in this world.” She continued, “The world is good and my heart is full. God Bless!”

Indy shared more information about why the money had meant so much to her. Recently she had been laid off from her job of nine years, and then had a stillbirth a month later, and she is now struggling with health issues of her own. BigDawsTV was so touched by Indy’s story, that even after giving her a $1,000 tip, they went on to set up a GoFundMe for Indy and her family.

This just goes to show that God works in mysterious ways, and you truly never know how He may answer your prayers and meet your needs!