Psalm 31:1-5

Put to music back in 1998....shortly after my return from a 7 year backslide. I had smoked so much crack (and cigarettes) that my lungs and heart were both failing. I really felt as if I was not going to be on this earth much longer. As I sat at the church practicing the guitar and reading my bible.....I came across this Psalm. I put music to it, and wept as I sang it over and over again for nearly an hour. It was at that point that I promised the Lord, that whether I had 10 minutes, or 10 years left I would praise Him with every breath. And if it was my time to go, I was ready. Well, you can see I'm still here. I know I'm not the greatest guitarist or singer.......hopefully not the worst either. But what I do, I do to bring Him honor and glory. If you listen to the music I write, and you feel the moving of the Holy Spirit.....then my job is done. I'm only pointing others to Jesus, and letting them know of His love, mercy, and grace. Thanks for listening, and reading this too.

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