Every Life Matters

Through the power of Jesus Christ lives are being transformed at Pacific Garden Mission every day.

Welcome to PGM TV where lives transformed by Jesus Christ are captured as God-honoring testimonies. We want you to hear from people you have helped right here at Pacific Garden Mission. These testimonies are followed by a Gospel message by PGM president Philip Kwiatkowski. We invite you to watch this one hour show and share it with friends. THere is as invitation to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior at the end of every show

Pacific Garden Mission is a Gospel rescue mission in downtown Chicago that provides not only food, shelter, and clothing for the homeless, but most importantly it provides the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. PGM is also the home of "Unshackled" (http://www.unshackled.org) the longest running radio drama in history. Through the Gospel messages preached every day, as well as the Bible programs for men and women, Pacific Garden Mission offers a place for recovery and a place where lives can be transformed through the power of Jesus Christ.

Please check us out and see what we do.

Our show also is on the Total Living Network. http://www.tln.com

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