Stolen Generation

Who decides the fate of a child born to poverty, slavery, or simply with the wrong color of skin?

A life taken . . . A life preserved.

Come with writer Shari McGriff on a powerful journey from modern day to back in time. Journey to turn-of-the century Australia to witness a small child chased down a dust-filled street and ripped from his mother’s arms, to the time of “kill the Indian, save the child” and The Trail of Tears, to the farms of wealthy landowners who used slave labor, and visit the gas chambers of Nazi Germany.

Peer through a tear-stained veil of chosen forgetfulness to see families decimated by greed and an obscene lust for power. These are generations robbed of everything: their heritage, their past and future, their family ties, and even their very names. Deeply moving and forcefully conveyed, Stolen Generation is a literary work that will impact the way you look at life. Embrace your human family. Free your mind from all earthly cares and spend a few precious minutes in the soul of a child, desperate to share the joys and sorrows that are our existence.

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