'Better Than I Found It' - Inspiring Danny Gokey Duet

'Better Than I Found It' - Inspiring Danny Gokey Duet

Christian artist Danny Gokey's amazing voice always blows me away every time I hear him sing. There's no doubt that this man has a voice gifted from God.

Just listen as he sings 'Better Than I Found It' with fellow artist Kierra Sheard. Together, their voices in this song are so rich and powerful but it's the lyrics that are even more incredible. Danny and Kierra remind us to be a light in this world.

As Christians, we are called to be an example of faith, hope, and love just like Jesus. With everything happening in the world around us, these words have such an important meaning. What a beautiful song for all the hear.

It seems that we've missed it. 😢There are outright forms of hate and then there are disguised forms of 'acceptable'...

Posted by Danny Gokey on Wednesday, August 16, 2017