Overjoyed Big Brother Meets New Sister For The Very First Time

Overjoyed Big Brother Meets New Sister For The Very First Time

One big brother is overcome with excitement at meeting his new baby sister for the very first time.

If you grew up with siblings or close relatives, you know there is nothing more special than the relationship you create together. It is a bond that is completely different than anything else in this world. And the older we get, the more we realize that God places these people in our lives for a specific reason.

Through the good and the band, these lifelong friends are there to support us along the way. One moment that is always memorable is when a big brother or sister gets to meet their new baby sibling.

This first meeting can be met with laughter, tears, delight or fear but it's almost always a unforgettable experience. Today, Landon is meeting his baby sister, Mary, for the very first time. Just watch as Mom arrives home and greats little Landon. He immediately asks about the baby.

That’s when Dad comes in with Mary and leans down so that Landon can get a closer look. Landon sweetly caresses her hand and gives her a kiss on the forehead.

This proud big brother even got to hold baby Mary as his grinned from ear to ear. It’s obvious that this big brother is so excited to add a sibling to family and he’s going to be such a caring brother. It’s only been a few seconds and you can already feel the love in the room.

Who else has a big grin on their face right now?